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was your 1911 dirty too?

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Just got my PT1911 SS today :D

I noticed the gun was a kinda dirty; it had both some kind of smelly oil/preservative (My Norinco was like that too... it still smells bad :p) and it also looked like its been fired (I assume at the factory).

So was your PT1911 like that too or was it cean?
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I didn't actually smell mine, but it did have that preservative. Mine was clean.
After making the original post I field striped the gun and I could tell that it was definetely fired :-\; there was some resedue build up on the bottom of the breech face and so was the bore (run a few patches thru the it)

I'm hoping the firing was done at the factory (& they just didn't clean it up) and not by a gunstore owner/worker :mad:

but the other Taurus I bought new (raging bull) was spotless and didn't even have the oil coat, just wraped in a brownish cloth...hmm

lets hear from other PT1911 owners....
Here it is after I clean it up ;)
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My 1911 was pretty dirty/greasy. I think the grease was cosmolene just like what my SKS was coated in. My 24/7 on the other hand, was spotless.
was it just greasy or did it also look like it was fired?
It looked like it had been factory fired.
paulrabe78 said:
My 1911 was pretty dirty/greasy. My 24/7 on the other hand, was spotless.
That's interesting since my 24/7 was smothered in the typical brown "Taurus packing grease" when I opened the box.
Mine was spotless on the out side packed with grease and gunk on the inside required a full cleaning. Keep your mags clean they tend to get gunked up and cause nose dives. buy the way your looks great congrats and enjoy.
Nice looker. Mine looked like it had been fired. Had to clean it before firing it, but do that anyways. Just bought a Rossi 462, you could tell it had be fired, as it was really dirty.
Mine looked like someone took it shooting for a weekend befor I got it, it was real dirty and oily.
Kind of makes you wonder what goes on behind gun store doors as some have ranges. I mean how could you tell if it had 100 rounds fired through it and then cleaned by the gunsmith that works for the gun store. HHHMMMMMMM ? seeing we are seeing Tauri being sold in so many different ways. I would think that quality control would be across the board. I mean I've built cars for 31 years and they are shipped exactly the same way. I know cars are different they are shipped outside but guns are shipped the same way everytime or should be in the same condition the same amount of grease or oil. That makes me wonder and am willing to call them to see what there shipping process is.
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