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Warranty on a used gun-

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I am posting here in hopes that those lurking here have some possible experience with this. I have a pt111 g2 that I registered by the book. I then purchased a used tcp that had a serious malfunction yesterday. I contacted the previous owner as I have only put about 100 rounds through but he had NOT registered with Taurus. As its obviously a Taurus gun, do they typically still stand behind their products????? Little concerned I've purchased additional mags and wallet holster and all for nothing.......
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Yes. I don't think you even have to register it. They can tell by the SN when it was made. You may have to pay the shipping if it is over a year old that is all.
Your Taurus is covered by their lifetime warranty, no matter how many owners have had it. You should call them and tell them what is happening, and they will work out the details on sending it in or offering to send you a part/parts to fix it, but you would have to pay for the part if you did this. If the gun is less than a year old, they should pay for shipping it back. I wouldn't even bother going into 'previous owners' or anything like that - it doesn't matter.
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Thanks for the info, I really hope all works out alright! I missed not gettin put a few through it.
it's the gun that has the lifetime warranty, not the owner (or owners). you will also be able to get more info on you gun by going to www.taurususa.com and putting in you ser. #. good luck. :thumb:
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