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So much has been made of Taurus' warranty and it's weaknesses... I just checked Kimber's website (I believe that Kimber is Taurus' most direct competator given the features of the two guns are the closest). However for the Springfield fans...

What is Kimber's Warranty Information?

Kimber firearms and accessories have a limited one year parts and labor warranty. Should you experience a problem within one year of purchasing a new Kimber product that cannot be resolved by speaking with the Kimber factory (Call (914) 964-0742 and ask for Warranty Service. There is not a toll free number for this purpose.) it will be necessary to return the item to the factory for evaluation. Kimber does not authorize any dealer or gunsmith to attempt repair or adjustments to Kimber products, and non-factory adjustments or modifications will void the warranty.

Shipping cost to return an item for service is the responsibility of the owner. Kimber will pay return shipping cost.
Springfield, Inc. warrants to the initial retail purchaser that the products it sells will be free of defects in workmanship or material during his or her lifetime as long as he or she owns the product.

Shipping costs not addressed
One year (Kimber) or lifetime of purchaser (Springfield) vs. Taurus' lifetime of gun? Hmmmm... ahhhh... lifetime of gun!

shipping cost... Kimber & Taurus flat even!
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