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Warranty Card. Any reason to send it in?

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Since Taurus has a lifetime transferrable warranty, I haven't sent the card in on my PT145. I guess if there was ever a recall it would help, but aside from that I can't see any reason to send it in.

Did you guys/gals send in your card? If so, why?

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I send mine in so help them with the demographic info that it contains. And for the Recall info, just in case. Plus you never know down the road if the policy might change regarding the Lifetime Warranty.

I never sent mine in. I already sent my gun in for some repairs. They never asked for the card.

I'm sure if there's a recall, it will be all posted on one or more message boards that I read.
The last Taurus I bought did not have a warranty card, so I called to ask about it. Customer service told me I don't need one, and they are discontinuing the cards since they have a lifetime warranty. Just send it in with the repair form available on line at their website. Doesn't matter if you're the first or fifth owner.
no card here either. I have sent mine in also.
FWIW, my Taurus 24/7 Pro came w/ card and sent it asap.
Mine came with a card. My wife found it 6 months later while she was cleaning up the soon to be baby room.
Sent mine in 2 days after I got my 24/7 Pro
Registered my PT1911 on their web site, no need to send the card.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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