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I took my P22 to the range yesterday for its first shoot. I have both barrels but elected to try the 5” with compensator for accuracy even though I like the looks better with the 3.4” barrel. This is a newer edition with an “N” serial number and the newer “B” magazines. Fired 200 rounds of Winchester Super X 40gr. I had one stovepipe and one FTF. Considering the newness of the gun, I found these two problems acceptable. Accuracy was much better than expected firing from 15yds with 2” to 3” groupings being the average. While my hands are large, and the grips appear small, I was pleasantly surprised on how comfortable this small auto felt. As an added plus, it has a pretty nice “bark” for a 22lr. Highly recommended based on my initial experience.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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