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Walther P-22

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Done a little reading on the Walther and ordered one for some target shooting. Like the ideal of 22 so $$$ doesn't get out of hand. Do any of you own one and if so are you happy with it? Have you had any troubles with it?

Thanks Jim kd4iea :shooter:
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I have one and love it. Zero problems in over a year. Just stay away from those lead nose rounds which foul up that little barrel very bad. I strictly use CCI mini mags.
I had one in the past and really liked it but it was picky on ammo like NYPD pointed out.
Have a freind with one. Had a FTF and FTE problem but was remedied by sending it back. Has been flawless since.
thanks to all for the info

jim kd4iea :)
Just bought one here 3 weeks ago. Good to go so far!
I have two 22's cheap to shoot, Derringer is a real piece, over 45 years old, and the Single action 22lr/22mag from heritage is a tack driver for real. I enjoy shooting them both, over a semi auto 22, as I hate to pick up brass.

I shoot on my farm, and using a metal detector after shooting to pick up all the strays is fun. Oh well that is my problem!!
Had some FTF and FTE issues. Sent it back to S&W. Got it back, cleaned it and so far, so good now!

It is my young son's favorite weapon to shoot!
I've got one and it hasn't really been too picky about ammo. First 200 rounds or so with various ammo went without a hitch. However, the last trip to the range I had a few stovepipes and FTF's, but after closer examination, it appears that it's just due to the mags getting gummed up and dirty.
I took my P22 to the range yesterday for its first shoot. I have both barrels but elected to try the 5” with compensator for accuracy even though I like the looks better with the 3.4” barrel. This is a newer edition with an “N” serial number and the newer “B” magazines. Fired 200 rounds of Winchester Super X 40gr. I had one stovepipe and one FTF. Considering the newness of the gun, I found these two problems acceptable. Accuracy was much better than expected firing from 15yds with 2” to 3” groupings being the average. While my hands are large, and the grips appear small, I was pleasantly surprised on how comfortable this small auto felt. As an added plus, it has a pretty nice “bark” for a 22lr. Highly recommended based on my initial experience.
i handled one of these tonight at the shop, my mom really went ape for it until she seen the 249.99 price tag, little bit outta her price range.. very nice pistol, good in the hand, fairly compact.. good sights and even though it's a poly gun it had great texture on it.

have no idea how they fire though.
ive owned two of them , i still got the OD colored one the black one had a feed problem , didnt like remington anything ammo , so it went down the road, this OD model is a little better , still a few feed peoblems now an them , i like my ruger MKII a lot better but ? they are a different animal ,
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