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I was at the range today with both the Model 66 and the Rossi. I was testing the Rossi after doing most of the "Steve Gun" action job. More details on that later, but it really works well and the 125 gr flat point reloads in .38 Special +P were fun to shoot. It was too cold to do much beyond basic function testing.

However, I usually shoot my plated HBWC reloads in the Model 66 and decided to see if they would load (and not stick in the barrel) in the Rossi as well, since they are accurate in the Model 66 and relatively cheap to reload. I single loaded a couple and they cycled, loaded and shot fine, ringing the gong at 25 yards.

Flush with success, I loaded two in the magazine and cycled the lever, getting an immediate jam as the first round out wedged up as the second round came out of the magazine without stopping and pushed the first one up into the action. After a little fiddling, I got them both out and as I scratched my head I had my Homer Simpson "duh" moment.

It dawned on me that what happened was that since the nose of the wadcutter is basically the same diameter as the rim of the next cartridge, the cartridge stop doesn't have a chance to drop in and block the next round. So I guess I'll just use flat points or SWC's in the Rossi. Lessons learned cheaply are the best lessons ;)
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