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Washington - - The Washington State Attorney General on 9/28 added South Dakota Enhanced Permit to the list of states permits it will honor. Must be 21 years old. https://www.atg.wa.gov/concealed-weapon-reciprocity This brings to 10 the number of states Washington Honors. South Dakota Honors all other states permits/licenses.
South Dakota - - Concealed Pistol Permits: South Dakota Secretary of State, Shantel Krebs

South Dakota actually issues 4 different permits to carry. Yes 4!!! A Regular, Gold and Enhanced. Thing is they offer two types of Enhanced. A regular Enhanced and a “Restricted Enhanced.” South Dakota Residents can apply for the Regular and Restricted Enhanced at 18 years of age and the Gold and Enhanced at 21. The Regular is the cheapest. The Gold gets them NICs exemption when purchasing firearms etc and cost a little more than the Regular but less than the Enhanced/Restricted Enhanced. The Enhanced gives the permit holder more reciprocity. Costs, Training Requirements and Age to Apply make the difference in the permits. Problem for Handgunlaw.us is some states honor all the South Dakota permits. Some only honor the Restricted Enhance and Enhanced while others honors just the Enhanced with one state honoring their Gold and Enhanced! There is no difference in the permits in South Dakota on where a person can carry etc. It was all done for Costs, NICs Checks and Reciprocity.

So late tonight or early tomorrow 9/29/18 Handgunlaw.us will be updated with the change with Washington honoring South Dakota.
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