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I had the chance to fire mrnuke7571's Taurus PT-145 along with his Charles Daly 1911.

Fired the Taurus first(I LOVE that pistol!! can't wait to get mine back) from the first pull of the trigger, it honestly didn't feel like a .45! Very mild but deadly accurate! soo comfortable to shoot. He used hollow points...not sure the gr specs but man! I'd never fired such wonderful ammo! Hits where you aim and is VERY mild re-coil.

I then fired the 1911. A pistol I've not really been to fond of shooting of late. Well, that changed today! Again, eight rounds of the re-loads brought a smile to my face as I shot a decent group to the center mass of the S.P.P 9 target.

I'm pretty sure these are the first production re-loads He's done! I don't think it could possibly get much better than those!

In the near future..I plan to re-load as well. Mostly 9mm, maybe .45. Hopefully my results will be as good and as safe.

Pretty sure 200 of them fired PERFECTLY.

Nice job Nuke!! ;D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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