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very good info...

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heres something that EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH!!!! pass it on... makes a lot of sence, and cn i just say, thanks alot Bill Clinton..... what a joke....

sorry, i dont know how to make it hot... please forgive..
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Liberals really tick me off. Did anyone read any of the comments. Foreigners, especially the UN would love to run this country. We are called " barbaric " but it isn't this country that has muslims and youth rioting in the streets. We won't stand for it. You aren't going to come here and take over. Why! Because of the backbone of the American people. We know our rights and will not be pushed around. God Bless America, ( and Lord please help the liberals see the light)
Yeah, Robin, another thing I get irritated with is that these same foreigners grip about this country, but want to live here insead of their own. Fortunately (or not) I'm politicially incorrect enough to point that out to them when the occassion arises. My attitude has cost me some problems on the job, though.
Funshooter said:
these same foreigners grip about this country, but want to live here insead of their own.
Sorry for moving this thread off topic, but here goes: [/rant on] My wife has a friend from Germany, though we don't see her that much anymore. She has lived and worked here for 20+ years in the local school system. One of the main reasons we don't see her that much is she always says how much better the USA would be if they would do more things like they do in Germany. When I press her on the issue and ask why she doesn't move back to Germany, her answer is there is no work there. To top it all off, the area where her mother works is mostly dependent upon the US military base for employment. Her mother works on the US base as a janitor in the kitchen, I think. If it were not for the USA, their lives would certainly be different, likely much different. [/rant off]
Good link. I finally got to a computer with speakers so I could hear it. Thanks.
Very typical! I hear the same stuff all the time about how other countries do this and that better, and why do "we" do this or "that". Just go back then. Very simple!
This was aired almost a year ago. Worth reviewing periodically. John Stossel is definitely a no nonsense reporter whose writings and videos are always worth watching.
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