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So, a few months ago I ordered this brown leather holster from Versacarry. I used it to carry my Taurus G2C. The size 1 fits the G2C perfectly. The holster comes completely flat and then you put your weapon in and it molds itself to it. It holds it tight up next to you and my gun is very secure in it. It has a sweat guard, which is a must for me with my muffin top, to keep the gun from rubbing against my side and also to keep sweat off of the gun. I prefer wearing it to where the extra mag is right at 3 o'clock. I really like the leather compared to my Kydex OWB holster. I showed it to my Dad who has a PT111 G2 and he liked it so much that I gave it to him and he now uses it. I'm getting ready to order another holster from Versacarry because I like this one so much. Great quality product. I'm thinking of trying the Protector S3 adjustable IWB. I have decided that I prefer the extra magazine(s) to be on the opposite side and just keep them in a separate holster there.
Here is a link to their site... For full disclosure, I will get a gift certificate from them for this review but I plan on writing more reviews on here for my other holsters and my G2C that I have around 600 rounds through at this point. I have really enjoyed the information that I get from this site!



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