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urgent question about .44 magnum rifle

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So last thursday (april 11th) I took deliver of a used rossi .44 magnum single shot rifle. I saw her at a local gun store amd instantly fell in love with her. The first day I took her out she sot beautifully kicked like a mule but was wonderfully accurate. However soon into the shoot a problem developed. Not only would the shell not auto eject when I broke open the breach it would also get a bit stuck in the barrel. Also every now and again sometimes getting stuck to the point I would have to tap on the front of the barrel (sometimes not to lightly either). I've tried all kinds of brands of ammunition and the problem is less pronounced in some brands than others but still the shell gets stuck. Im new to the rossi brands but have a lifetime of experience with guns and rifles I was just curious if this was a common problem or even am easy fix I am still well within the return period of the rifle so if it requires any gunsmithing I can just return it and pick out a new one. Thank you very much
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Thoroughly clean the gun with a good powder solvent and dry it completely. Then try shooting it again. Are the primers excessively flattened or show signs of excessive pressure?
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