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Well, I been needing something around here to take care of some varments!
This will be great.

I bought a Crossman Nitro Venom Dusk.
It's a break barrel rifle with a Nitro piston, and comes with a 3-9x32mm scope.
Perfect for the @#% woodpeckers that have caused $1,500. worth of damage to my house.
There also seems to be a growing population of tree rats around me.

No ammo shortage here, $6.40 got me 500 rounds! Well, until they put a ban on lead anyway.
Can't wait to shot it and break it in. Still looking it over. I need to mount the scope, and give it a good cleaning.
I ordered a .177 boresnake for air rifles, but it has not come in yet.

Next, I need to put some suet up in the yard to pulkl those pesky birds in.
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1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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