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I was wandering how many of you upgrade your gun? and if you have,what have you done? i have 2 24/7 pro and wish there was more upgrades for them.i would love to make mine look different.what type of upgrades are there for the 24/7?

thanks :guns:
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if you want to talk specifics you should move this out of the firing line.. if you're talking in general then..

all my guns are pretty much stock other then changing springs, grips things like that.. no serious or professional work on any of my guns.
i guess i mean cosmetics.
oh i see, dressing up a gun..

well no i have'nt although i do have some ideas for engraving.. i'd like to get my 92 engraved with a dragon that is coiled around the entire gun.. kinda like those guys you see with snake and dragon tatoos on their arms all the way around.. and it's mouth would be the muzzle..

i'd have it outlined with gold and silver inlays.

i have a feeling i'd never beable to afford to have that done.

i am planing on dressing up my hi-point c9 once i get a chance to fire it and prove worthy of any time..

im gonna completely disassemble it and paint the frame dark purple, i found out you can't dye black to anything lighter, so i'll have to settle for paint.

then im gonna paint the grips & trigger either white or light grey..

then im gonna take the slide and strip the power coating.. im gonna try some stuff called mothers mags polish.. hopefully i can get it looking like chrome.. otherwise i'll see if i can get it nickel plated..

im also gonna do a polish job on the barrel.

im gonna attempt it my self because hey if i screw it up it's a hi-point who cares right?
but if it works like i hope it will i think it'll look sharp.
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man i like that snake idea.make sure post up some before and after pictures of that hi point.

I've upgraded grips on almost all the handguns I've owned. Some, as in SA revolvers and some SA Autos, for cosmetic purposes, and others for better control and/or concealment. On a few of the SA autos, I've owned, sights, triggers, mainspring housings, and other general slicking up was done.
Now, with the advent of polymer frames, there isn't much to be done with grips, but revolvers can always use some help.
i was thinking about some night sights.
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