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I've shot about 250 rounds through my PT24/7 C DS 45, and have encountered three magazine related problems. Two of these I corrected myself, one (the 12 round) was sent back to Taurus) for repair or replacement. I am quite sure that none of these FTF were the direct fault of the firearm, but rather the fault of the magazines.
In my range report, I mentioned the follower problems I had with both the 10 and 12 round magazine. The follower on the 10 round magazine stuck in position on the third round. As I was loading it, I felt something wrong, and as I was unloading the magazine, I saw the position where it was stuck - at round 3. Trading followers with the 12 round corrected the 10 round magazine. The 10 round mag now works, while the 12 round was sent back to Taurus. I believe I could have corrected it, but I wanted Taurus to see the problem for themselves. How else are they going to know what to correct?

Here's the BIG NEWS!!!!
The second problem was with a spare magazine I bought - a non-24/7 (10 round) mag. I bought two of these mags. One worked perfectly, the other caused an FTF. These non-24/7 mags are for the PT145. I noticed a PT145 magazine at a local gunshop. It seemed to me that it looked like the 10 round for my 24/7 C 45 DS. Today I took the gun to that shop and showed the manager the strong resemblance between the two magazines. He took the PT145 mag out of its package to compare it with the 10 round magazine that came with the pistol. Except for the follower (and the model number stamped on it), they look identical.
He slid the PT145 magazine into my pistol and it fit. Not only did it fit, it was an exact fit. He pulled the slide back and it locked in place. He handed the pistol back to me. I depressed the slide release, then tried to wiggle the base of the magazine a bit from side to side. There was no wobble any greater than the 24/7 magazine. I removed the mag and reinserted it. It snapped securely into place.
Do the PT145 magazines function in my PT24/7 C DS 45? Yes, they they do. One of these mags caused an FTF when I took it out to test it. The slide stayed open around the 5th or 6th shot. It must have been a nose dive, but I don't remember it looking that way. The reason for this is as follows...
As you know, there is a coating on the mag, both on the inside and the outside. On the inside of the magazine, on the front wall, some of this coating had pooled, then dried, into a large drop. Whoever had assembled the magazine did so without looking inside. When I was loading rounds into the mag, I sensed a shift or jump twice. This must have been the magazine spring under pressure digging into this large drop, and stopping up the works. After I got home, I first disassembled the problematic mag. On several of the flat sections of the spring, on the side that rubbed against the forward wall of the mag, was a hard flaked residue. I also noticed a rough spot inside of the magazine on the forward wall. I sanded the spot smooth, then lightly lubed both the the spring and the inside of the mag with Mil-Comm TW25B (it's the only lubricant I use on my firearms). I twice loaded and unloaded the mag - no shift of jump of the follower.

I add this caveat. If you have a PT24/7 C DS 45 and decide to use PT145 magazines, do so at your own risk. What works in mine may not for yours.

The PT24/7 C DS - 10 round magazine is on the left, the PT145 magazine is on the right.

The PT145 magazine is on the left.
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