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I just got this in an email and am sharing for those who are interested. I personally was at FSB 16 (Fire Support Base) a couple of miles away when the Battle for Hill 875 was underway. My company (B/2/503) had gone through a battle near that FSB and was in no shape to fight on the Hill so we were on perimeter duty at FSB 16. As an RTO I tuned in and listened in to some of the action.

Friends of the 173rd,
I'm sorry it has been so long since an update on the Vietnam documentary (working title: Reunion). The project continues to move forward towards the ultimate goal of becoming a documentary feature film.

We recently sent a large portion of the "rough cut" to Lt. Terry Jones for his input on matters of content and historical accuracy. I don't think Terry would mind me saying that he found the work thus far to be quite satisfactory.

We have been very fortunate to have made contact with John Hosier, a combat photographer with the 173rd in Vietnam. He has provided a lot of the pictures in the documentary from his personal collection. I have also received some terrific photos from Billy Jang, Larry Speed, and Terry Jones (all of whom served with the 173rd in Vietnam).

We have received, help, input and photos from a variety of sources and I thank you all very much. I believe that these personal photos really help tell the stories of the experiences of these eight men in Vietnam.
I have chopped together a short demo piece to give you all an idea of how the project is progressing. It is my sincere hope that I will be able to dedicate enough time to this project to have a pretty solid rough cut done in a few months. After that it will take some time to clean the entire project up (audio, photos, music, color correction, etc). I am confident that the project will be completely finished and ready to show before the year is out, hopefully sooner.

Here is a link to the current demo:


We are still looking for personal photos from members of the 173rd who served in Vietnam. These must be personal photos that you can give us permission to use. They can not be copyrighted.
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