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I haven't posted since I first joined the forum, right before Christmas, the day I bought my PT111. Been wrapped up in non-important (non-shooting) stuff, mostly (like work). Anyway, I managed to make it out to the range a couple of times, and have put about 200 rounds through it. No problems, except for a few failures to feed: about 4 out of 50 of CCI Blazer 147. Kind of strange, since I already went through 50 of the same stuff without a hitch. I've shot about 100 of WWB 147 jhp, and they go through like butter. I wonder if the aluminum cases may not be as smooth as brass.
I started with the low-and-left syndrome that seems to be common with first-time users of the PT, but then I found info here in this great forum about how to deal with the sights and trigger. Thanks to all those helpful members for sharing their wisdom.
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