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UPDATE** Broken 24/7 Pro 9mm *PICS*

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Need some help here....I bought a 24/7 Pro 9mm for my son and I was showing him how to take it down for cleaning. He broke it down and put it back together a few times, then suddenly it wouldn't cycle when the trigger was pulled. I had him break it down again and upon close inspection, I found this:

I found the loose part on the table top. I'm about to have my first experience with Taurus customer service, but I don't know what this is called exactly. I believe it is part of the striker assembly, but any assistance as to what the exact name of the piece is would be appreciated.
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Re: Broken 24/7 Pro 9mm *PICS*

According to the Parts View, Part 1.14, Firing Pin Retaining, or the proper translation would be Firing Pin Retainer.

BTW, The Parts View can be found on the Taurus Website. Just go to the Pistol you have and download the Adobe File from the menu at the bottom of the Product Description.
Re: Broken 24/7 Pro 9mm *PICS*

Thanks, I didn't know about the pdf file.

Is this a relatively common occurrence, or not? I just don't know how it could have broke like it did....would dry firing the pistol too much put too much stress on this part?

Thanks again !!
Re: Broken 24/7 Pro 9mm *PICS*

I can't imagine dry firing would do this. I know it would not help but I'm pretty sure it would not be the cause.
Re: Broken 24/7 Pro 9mm *PICS*

texastaurusguy said:
Is this a relatively common occurrence, or not?
This is the first occurance of that part breaking that has been posted here, that I know of. Breakage of that particular part may have been caused by trying to force the slide off of the frame and not pulling the trigger at the appropriate time. Either that or there may have been a casting flaw in the MIM part.
Re: Broken 24/7 Pro 9mm *PICS*

Ah....it becomes clearer. I believe I remember him not pulling the trigger the first or second time he took down the gun. The good news is that I called customer service today, waited on hold a grand total of 4 seconds. The guy told me to just send the slide in with a letter explaining what the problem was, and they'd send a new slide back to me. Rock on !!!!
Re: Broken 24/7 Pro 9mm *PICS*

thats cool.gotta love taurus.
Re: Broken 24/7 Pro 9mm *PICS*

Hope all goes well for you.
I got the slide back from Taurus on Friday 4/11. Not too bad, all things considered. They scared me for a second though - I pulled the paper out of the box and it said "front sight replaced" and I immediately thought OH NO...but they had replaced the firing pin retainer AND the front sight....not sure what was wrong with the sight, but hey, that's fine. I put the gun back together and it dry-fires with no problems. So I'll be taking her to the range next Wednesday, and I'll let you know what happens.
Hats off to Taurus! Glad this was resolved for you in short order. With a new sight too, you can't miss now!
Long Ago LEO said:
Hats off to Taurus! Glad this was resolved for you in short order. With a new sight too, you can't miss now!
Maybe you can't but, I bet I could!! hahaha
Its good to hear that Taurus treated you well as I am getting one soon and its nice to know I can depend on them for service... hope my needs are taken care if when and if I need them.....
Texastaurusguy, I'm glad to hear that Taurus took care of your repair work so well. I've put only 50 rounds or so through my 24/7 Pro in 9mm and so far like it a lot.

But I was wondering did Taurus give you any clear explanation of why yours broke? I am concerned because the piece that broke is what holds the firing pin back when you are in SA mode. If that part had broken when there was a round in the chamber, the firing pin would've been driven forward. The trigger safety would've probably stopped it but if not there could've been a nasty accident. Do you think it was trying to remove the slide without pulling the trigger that caused it to break? Seems like you'd have to push on the slide pretty hard to break that piece off.
My son indeed did not pull the trigger before attempting to pull the slide off the gun, with some authority I might add. I think this just simply sheared the retainer right off. To answer your question, they did not ask for, nor offer, an explanation for what happened. I'm sure I do know what happened, or I would have probably pressed them on it. I'm just happy that the old girl is back online.

This forum helped alot too - jwc007 was very helpful and offered some good hints. Thank you !!
You are most Welcome!

Long may your 24/7 serve you well!

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