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Upcomming 24/7 Pro 9mm review in Combat Handguns

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Hi everyone tonite I came across this teaser for an upcoming review in the May edition of Combat Handguns. Here is a link to the teaser http://www.tactical-life.com/online/combat-handguns/taurus-247-pro-9mm/

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I left this reply but It did not show up for some reason

I am not surprised that a dealer would tell you this, let me guess he wants you to buy something a bit more expansive right? Taurus does not have much mark up so dealers dont make as much money on them as say a Glock or Smith or the higher end H&K or Sig. Find someone like myself who owns the 24/7Pro and have them let you shoot it and you will then go out and buy one for yourself, trust me. I have 3 24/7's 2 in 45acp and one 9mm. One of my 45's has just over 10,000 rounds through it now and its been perfect, I carry the other 45 daily and it has been awsome through well over 1000 rounds of various HP's.
Hey the reply showed up, I guess they have to approve them or maybe it takes more then a couple minutes and I am just impatiant lol

oh and thanks for the kind words paulrabe78
I sure wish I wasnt broke right now I would love to get out and put another 10,000 rounds through her this year but sadly I dont think its going to happen
Um ya Im broke not the gun lol The gun works fine I just cant afford to spend 2000 bucks for another 10,000 rounds this year. If someone would like to donate the ammo Ill let them run it through it so we can keep this high round count going
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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