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(NOTE: I have NO financial interest in this fundraiser or any of the parties involved)

PMAGs for C.O.P.S

PMAGs for Concerns of Police Survivors

Quantico Tactical has held the line on pricing during the "Panic Buying" by charging no more than MSRP for PMAGs in our stores, but have not offered PMAGs on line.

We have decided to take a pallet of PMAGs and offer them for sell via our website at the current market prices of $35. Quantico Tactical will donate $25 per PMAG to the "
Concerns of Police Survivors" a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding the lives of families and co-workers of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Quantico Tactical is a corporate sponsor of COPS.

These are MOE Mags without Windows (MAG571-BLK).
We have 4,000 available and hope to raise $100,000 for C.O.P.S.

This offer is only valid on-line and is NOT valid in our stores. If available, PMAGs in our stores are at MSRP.
No Discounts Apply!
I just want to make a $10 donation to COPS:
(You may increase the amount while checking out)

No Other Discounts Apply!
Offer Not Valid in CA, HI, MA, MD, NJ, NY, DC, Parts of IL and Denver CO, APO/FPO or where prohibited by law.
Quantities are Limited

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COPS is an awesome group , my wifes ex is a member of Iowa COPS and we helped with a fund raiser last year , super group of people and a great cause. I'd buy some but don't have an AR :p
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