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I have been loading some .380's for the last couple of days now and found that I hate loading those little suckers, too small for my old hands. Got over 500 loaded now and only have a couple hundred more to go until I have all my brass used up. I have a pet load that always works good in every thing I have tried it in. I use Federal primers because they are a tad softer and will go bang even if the hammer spring is getting tired. 100 grain RNFP plated bullet, 3.0 grains 231/HP38, Seated to .965. Not for Griz but fun at the range....

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The first powder I tried in .380 was W231/HP38 and when I got to 3.2gr with a 95gr LRN it was handily out-shooting the factory stuff in three guns, so I just stopped there.
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