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I treated myself for Christmas and bought a couple of extra 15rd mags for my PT92 conversion.

I was one of the last people to get a 22lr conversion kit from MidwayUSA before they dropped JAC. I bought a pair of 10rd (black) mags and the silver upper kit (with a single 15rd mag) at closeout along with my birthday discount.

I felt pretty good about it at the time... then JAC went to jail for a spell.

Well, I took a chance to see if he was open again and it appeared from other online boards that he was shipping.

Not knowing the future of a magazine ban, I decided to order 2 instead of just one. (also, having to pay for the S&H already)

Today in the mail arrived my pair of mags in perfect working condition.

I can honestly say that the one kit of his that tends to have the LEAST amount of problems is his PT92/99 kits. After an initial break-in period, my upper has been 100% reliable and VERY accurate.

NOTE: the JAC uppers for the PT92 and 92FS use BERETTA rear sights bases. So get one of the adjustable leaf rear sights from CDNN and have it installed. Now you have a cheap ($20) semi-adjustable rear sight that fits perfectly and works like a charm.
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