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Type of cleaning patches do you use/recommend?

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There have been numerous threads on type of solvents and lubes, etc. But I'm looking for what type cleaning patches you use: cotton, flannel, synthetic and brand, homemade, etc.

I've used a handful of different types, but wanted to reach out to the TA community and get feedback on what you find works best for you.
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Old cotton t-shirts is what I use. Never have liked store bought patches.
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Old cotton t's as well. Don't leave lint. I also recycle mine. Soak 'em in a container with a little tide. Stained but reusable.
I used to use cut up flannel shirts but they are not as common around the house as they used to be. I like cotton and will not use synthetic, they are garbage. I get a bulk bag and cut to size.
Store bought patches are good enough for me.
For 30 years I have used unbleached muslin. I cut the patches to the size I want and the muslin is cotton with no lint to cause problems. Buy it at any fabric store and it is not expensive. A yard will last you a long time.
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Whatever I scored at Shot Show, haven't bought patches in years. I do have to cut my .22 in half for my .17 HMR, I mean before the boating accident. :rolleyes:
Im done with patches, I only use a bore snake now.
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Im done with patches, I only use a bore snake now.
Got them also! ;)
Tried "bore snake" when they first came out, good concept. But, big but, it drags the fouling from one bore on and into the next, unless they are severely different construction than the early ones.
Same here. Bore snake is just too easy.
I've looked at those and have seriously thought about trying one but I guess I'm old school.

The things you learn in boot camp (like using patches) are awfully hard to get away from.

That's probably one reason I still use Hoppe's for cleaning/lubricating. Anything good enough for the Marine Corps is good enough for me. ;)
Cotton, but use my bore snake far more frequently
Another for cotton here. Q-tips for the hard to get to places.
I use bore snake. On hard cleaning I use a cut up chamois.
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