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If you've misplaced your TX22 Striker Block Spring, there's no need for spending a lot of money to send your pistol back and wait weeks or even months for a two-minute repair.

This is a replacement Striker Block Spring +POWER for your Taurus TX22 or TX22 Competition Model. A perfect fit, this spring has a slightly higher load, which makes your TX22 SAFER in the event of an accidental drop by helping to keep that Striker Block in place. Additionally, it snaps firmly onto the Striker Block tab and stays there, so it can't just fly off and disappear whenever you disassemble the striker housing for cleaning!

Upgrade your TX22 Striker Block Spring with this stainless steel +POWER spring or simply buy for a backup (you may need it one day)

Available on Ebay with FREE SHIPPING, just search for: Taurus TX22 Striker Block Spring +POWER

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