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Had enough of the cheap factory rear sights drifting everywhere on your standard model TX22? This is the TX22 BLACKOUT SIGHT, specifically designed to be used with the factory front sight. This windage-adjustable blackout-style sight will immediately focus your eyes to the front, exactly where they should be.

CAD designed and produced on a Markforged II 3D machine, this proprietary ONYX material is extremely durable and can withstand 71MPa of force (that's over 10,000 PSI) and 145°C temperatures (293°F) This is the same material we use for our TX22 Recoil Spring Washer. Made 100% here in the USA. Unlike metal sights, the TX22 BLACKOUT SIGHT will NOT scratch your slide.

Fits perfectly snug into the dovetail, tested over hundreds of rounds with no movement at all, but can be further secured with just a small dab of black rtv underneath, immediately before windage sighting.

Get yours on Ebay, just search for TX22 REAR BLACKOUT SIGHT

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