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you can throw all the punishment you want, you're just treating the symptoms not the cause.. but until you realize that this country will never change.
I think we had a similar discussion in another thread. JMO..The problem starts at home. First children are not raised with the same values as we once were. There is less respect for others learned at home. Less respect for life. Some blame tv, movies and music but I listened to hard rock and watched some pretty violent movies growing up. I have never pointed a gun at another with intentions of killing. I get mad but I don't consider murdering someone because they pissed me off or cut me off in traffic. If I screwed up as a kid my dad whipped my ass. He did not send me to time out and the whippings did not make me more violent as an adult. It did teach me right from wrong. Concequences for my actions is a primal lesson that children must learn. Also those consequences must be effective to deter the behavior. When parents allow government schools and tv to rasie their children as happens more and more today, we get what we have now. Violent crimes on the increase and by younger individuals. I saw an article
where the aclu is sueing because the parents are being fined for their childrens bad behavior. If you ask me I think we need more of this. Parents should be held responsible for kids acting like idiots. Maybe then people will take having children a little more seriously.
Again it starts with the home enviroment. My dad beat my behind on a regular basis. Funny I never thought of taking the 22 rifle he got when I was 12 and sneaking into his bedroom and killing him.
Another thing when you can talk about sex and alternate lifestyles in school but you can't say the word Jesus Christ something is terribly wrong.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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