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The only thing I could think of better then one SS PT1911 is two SS PT1911's...

The Gunshop had two SS PT1911's and I couldn't bare to split them up, so I bought them both. Yes I know I suck big time... lol!!!

The SS PT1911's go very nicely with my PT1911 and my PT1911AR

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That's awesome! Congrats on some nice weapons there!
Sweet!! With those DE grips on that SSPT, it sure looks quite a bit like my Colt DE. Congrats!
Flyer is gonna roll over his grave when he hears this.
I hope those new twins don't keep you up all night ;D
Very Nice!
Draeger, is it just the pic or does the slide on the 1911B w/tac-rail seem a little shorter than the others? Just curious.
It is the pic, the length is the same and they all are interchangeable. I had swapped the slide and frames on the SS and blued PT1911s just for kicks to see what it looks like.
How much difference in the costs are you seeing?
Gabes Gunshop here in Iowa is selling the SSPT1911 to the general public for $575.00 plus tax and listed at $600.00 on Gunbroker. For as long as they last, which isn't going to be long I bet.

The PT1911 with tac/rail is going for around $525.00 and the non-tac/rail is floating around $500.00 (more or less) here in Iowa.

My personal opinion is that the SSPT1911 is one of the best looking 1911 clones I have ever seen, which is why I have two ;)
Very, Very nice. I can see why it would be difficult to choose. Some might notice that your cost for 2 was still under what 1 of some other brands might go for, so in that light you made an EXCELLENT choice.
Congrats on your TWINS! Now you need a two holster rig and maybe some stag-horn or pearlite grips! :D
NICE! one for each hand - that's the way to go! ;)

DREAGER can you take some detailed pics? (esp of the beavertail area) btw is the fit the same in all 4 guns?
Grrr.. i hate you...hehehe congrats on the twins, awesome collection there.
DRAEGER, the 1911's are absolutely awesome!
I have a question: what photo program did you use to
put the pics on the forum; was it photobucket or something

I'm just wondering how you got them to that size. You do
not have to scroll across, just straight down, which is neat.
I posted a pic of a Springfield a while back. The darned thing
was so large, that you had to scroll across to see the
complete picture.
Nice! Veeeerrrryyy nice! (I say wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth!)
My IP provider gives my a website (homepage), so I upload them there and URL link them here. As for size, I just upload from my digital camera to my PC, then upload to my homepage. My digital camera is set to take pictures at 640px 480px which seems to work well in most browsers and my homepage shows the pics as thumbnails as 100px 76px until I click on them.

This is a web pic someone sent to me (59px 100px)... You see my homepage automatically shrinks it to a thumbnail.

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Okay DRAEGER, very cool. I do believe my digital camera is
set to a higher resolution than what you have yours set at.
I will have to make an adjustment on my camera. I say,
did someone really paint that poor cat's bottom!? :D :D
I don't much about the pic other then it is a real cats bottom and it was really painted. A friend sent me that pic of the cat about a year or two ago. Gotta love the bow-tie ;)

If your camera doesn't have actual number settings for resolution, try a lower quality picture setting. My daughter stole my camera again, so I get give you more info other then I have an older panasonic digital camera.
Okay DRAEGER, thanks for that info. I have a pretty
decent camera. It's a DSLR by Pentax. It's got bells &
whistles on it that I haven't even used yet.

I should be able to do a few changes to make the pictures
smaller. I just have to get out the manual & do some more
reading. By the way, I really like those stainless 1911's.

I'm hoping they come out with the smaller version with the 4 inch
barrel; so I'm gonna wait a while to see what happens. :) :)
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