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Turned a Taurus hater into a Taurus lover..well sort of

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I have a really close friend who lives up north now and has always told me how much he hates Taurus hand guns and how he would never buy one and blah blah blah you know the normal Taurus hater who owned one years ago and has never owned one since and likes to bash them every chance they get..anyway. He came down to visit this past week and even though I had to work I told him to come by the house and pick up a couple guns before him and his Dad go shooting. I let him take the PT1911 my 24/7 Pro .45 which had 9500 rounds through it but now has 9700 ;D , he also took my wifes PT111 and her PT22 (ya the pink one ;D) and my PT92. He called me a few hours ago to tell me he went to the range Saturday and he could not believe how well all of the Taurus pistols I gave him performed! He said first of all they were all 100% flawless in opperation and that the PT1911 and 24/7 both out shot his Dads Colt goldcup Match something or another and both his Glock and H&K, both of his and his Dads Colt had some sort of malfunction of some kind on more then one occasion each, He was using the same Blazer Brass for all the .45 and 9mm and Remington for the 22 so Im pretty sure it was not ammo related problems there guns were having ;) Anyway long story short (I know to late) He said he was going to pick up a 24/7 and his Dad now wants a Pt1911 to replace his Colt.

He is not a Taurus lover like I am but atleast I was able to open his eyes to the new Taurus quality and he now likes Taurus. Its a start I guess ;D
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Isn't it amazing that those who have no experience with Taurus are some of the first to dump on Taurus. Then when some real experience is gained the tune changes. At least for most people.

There are some for which despite the facts are never going to see the light. We owners are not asking for accolades,banners,parades, or glowing endorsements. Just some respect and acknowledgement that what we own and use can and does get the job done.

Pride in one's weapons isn't necessarily a bad thing either. :)
MP - I've been considering a pt22 as a gift for a female friend. What's been you're experience with it?
Yes. There are some who are adamant about their hatred of Taurus. Really it's irrational for them to think that way but some do.

I've found some though that are neither pro nor anti-Taurus will take a Taurus firearm into consideration with a few well-placed words. Sometimes I'll add a picture as well to illustrate what words can't entirely convey. That little extra nudge is sometimes all it takes to make an indifferent firearm owner now someone who actually goes out wanting to purchase a Taurus product.

Then when it's in hand -- then out to the range -- then back home again, they know they made an excellent choice. ;D
I'd like to take this moment to thank all the staff and loyal members who have done a tremendous job putting their two cents worth or more in at the other gun forums.Because of this there have been more owners showing up with fact and reason at the gun forums.
There may be more to it than this, but a core off supporters with facts on their side are hard to beat. ;D
ciurym said:
MP - I've been considering a pt22 as a gift for a female friend. What's been you're experience with it?
I have 2 of them actually; the one I bought a long time ago works pretty well. Its a little ammo picky though. It likes Remington and Federal but hates Winchester bulk pack stuff. My wife’s was shooting about half the time with any ammo I tried when I first got it for her, so off it went to Taurus and a few weeks later it was back and working just as good as my other one. Hers really likes the Remington ammo and CCI but it hangs once in awhile on the Federal and Winchester. We have put a ton more rounds through hers now then my old one and that might be why I notice hers being a little more picky, but all in all it only has a jam once in about every 150-200 rounds so IMO that’s pretty good for a small rim fire bottom feeder

heres what my wife's looks like ;)

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Another PT22 owner here.

CCI and Remington anything work well through it.

Stay away from hypervelocity ammo and there should be little or no problems.

Federal high velocity does work through this one okay.

Remington and CCI just work better and have slightly better accuracy than the other brands.
Yes. There are some who are adamant about their hatred of Taurus. Really it's irrational for them to think that way but some do.
I did what the Taurus-haters told me to do -- I held a couple brands in my hands to find out what "felt right". And it was the Taurus 627.

Excellent choice, jepthai! I have one of those 627s and get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. The ribber grips initially took a little getting accustomed to but after holding/shooting it often, it's now a familiar feeling.
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