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Trigger Wiggle

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Greetings All:

I have new stainless 85. This is my 4th Taurus revolver and I have been pleased with them but this new one is giving me some concern. The trigger has some side-to-side play. Not alot, but more than I'm comfortable this. That's vague, I know... let's say 2 millimeters each way, right and left of center. I can move it when the hammer is at rest, not when the hammer is cocked, but I can move it even more so when the trigger is held back after the hammer falls. Other than that the trigger, the gun is very tight.

Any input? Good, bad, indifferent? I hate to send this thing back to Miami. Anyone else experience this?


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This was an ongoing problem with some S&W revolvers I once heard about it on another forum. Evidently not only a trigger but hammer as well. Probably due to excessive wear on those parts.

The fix was a very thin shim (like a washer) that acts as a spacer to take up the wobble.

Ask Taurus about it on your warranty, or some competent gunsmith.

TB C45
You may be able to find shims at Brownells. They have such stuff, but the site is sorta hard to navigate. I'd call and ask a human. :D
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