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Trigger update

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I finally got a chance to get my hands around another 24/7 Pro .45 (theoretically the same as mine) in Sportsman's Warehouse. Its trigger has a __MUCH__ smoother and easier pull than mine. So much for user error so quickly assumed by some.
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JimL said:
You're so right.  Pushing the firing pin back manually reveals the roughness at the same point as the trigger roughness - two places near the end of the pull.

Upon opening the assembly I found the major diameter of the pin to have several pieces of green paint from the spring on it.  Actually I don't see how the rod inside the spring could be smooth, being plastic and flexible.

Question.  Should the forward end of the major pin diameter be swaged?  It shows .006 of an inch larger than the main portion for about 1/16 inch of its length.

Also, the major diameter shows no attempt to polish it beyond about a 400 grit, and almost half its length (at the rear) shows what appears to be a fine stone dremel attack about .006 deep and 1/8 inch wide.

Should I try to remove the swage?  That seems tricky to do without damaging the part that's already "right."  At least without a very accurate lathe.

Should I try to polish the major diameter with a super-fine grit?
I am interested in the outcome of how you finally smooth your trigger.  My DAO first generation 9mm Millenium has what is possibly the same roughness when the firing pin is pushed in, near the end of travel.  I have stripped the slide for the third time trying to rid the pistol of this rough area.  I have reduced myself to polishing everything I can reach with the dremel (contact areas).  I don't currently have a tool to polish deep in the firing pin chamber, though I looked through Home Depot today to see if they had anything [with no luck].  I have used a flashlight to peer into the firing pin chamber, it seems where the minor and major bore intersect, there are burrs.  I hope to find something to remove them, that will not damage the rest of the firing pin chamber/tunnel.  Another thought, which I concluded today, is that this may be caused by the alley (please pardon my lack of correct terminology) being rough.  What I call the alley is the slot along the firing pin chamber that the thingy sticking up from the firing pin rides in (hopefully you understand what I am trying to say).  I have been moving the firing pin through its range of motion with my fingers and all springs removed.  I will also note that the firing pin (now polished) didn't have any serrations or marks that appeared to be caused by the burrs where the bore changes diameter.  The firing pin is polished now.

The pistol shoots okay, it is held back by the rough trigger (the frame part of the trigger is quite smooth.  The slide is titanium, which may or may not compound the issue.)  I know this will be my one of my favorite pistols if I can get all this smoothed out.  I have much more expensive pistols, and a couple of less expensive pistols....but this will be my favorite if I can solve the delimma of this rough area.  I really think this little pistol can be so much more than it is today. 
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UPDATE: I am done smoothing everything and the trigger is much better than before. I should be able to get to the range Wed or Thursday night to test fire. It seems fine while dry firing.
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