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Trigger pull question

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Hi Gang,
Good day at our local gun show.
Found a nice PT92 AFS
Beautiful firearm..
Cool factor is off the scale.
Question I have is concerning the
Single action trigger pull..
There is a good 1/4 inch of free play
Before any resistance is felt..
Is that the normal for the PT92?
The single action pull is 4.6 Lb

Thank you

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That's what I was thinkin'.
That's perfectly normal. If you like the firearm, I doubt you'll be disappointed with it. The 92 series are great guns.
I love mine...accuracy and capacity is a great combo! Congrats!!
Yes 4.5 - 5lb SA trigger pull is normal. This design was created long before manufacturers were very concerned about pull weights and resets. I really don't notice the trigger pull when I am shooting it. Just don't shoot it after shooting a PPQ or VP9 and you won't even notice. It is a fine gun , you won't be disappointed. Here is my review of the 92.

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