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Mil Pro, new in early '04. .45 ACP

OK, first, the trigger pull. at the '03 shot show I was talking with Tony (ex-marine I do believe), cannot remmber his last name, he was in charge of the tech department for Taurus. He siad that when I got my pistol in, I could send it in and he would take care of the trigger pull for me. Now, if anyone knows Tony, any chance you can contact me and or him so I can get bac k in contact with him. (I also want to take him up on his offer for some boar huntin down that way) If Tony is not there anymore, would I still be able to send my pistol in to get hte trigger pull lightened some?

the only other issue I have with my gun is that hte mag does not want to go in if there is a round in the chamber. This is really only a concern for the fact that I do load her 10+1.

I keep her loaded with hollowpoints, any experience on which brand/grain have the least chances of screwin up?
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