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Trigger failed to reset

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Shooting my G2 at the range yesterday I had two instances that the trigger failed to reset. It was somewhere during the first magazine when it did chamber another round but the trigger did not do the short reset and pulling it again did nothing. I worked the slide and chambered another round and it did reset.... twice this happened just a few rounds apart. The next 30 or so rounds when without a hitch.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Sounds like it didn't go back into battery. It may have looked like the slide had gone all the way forward but if it hangs up just a fraction of an inch, the trigger will not reset. Is this a new G2 that is not fully broke in? Lube the slide and put more rounds down range. I think this is a combo effect of a dry slide and a gun not fully broke in.
Take some 400-600 sand paper to the Rails and Rail guides and clean good, check to see if the Striker is returning to static position and not hanging up, and that the sear is catching the striker , just some thoughts , and tricks I Have done to mine , which is a 111g2, same with my 709, Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft gun Gun accessory
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I did clean it when I got home and Rem oiled the slide. I dry fired it several times and all went well.

My problem is I now have little confidence in the gun. Its the one I carry the most. I'm afraid it will fail in a life and death situation.
My wife suggested sending it back to Taurus but I'm not sure I could regain confidence in it.
I saw your thread and thought it was a duplicate to another I read this morning. You may want to work the action with the slide off to see if you may have the same issue. You didn't mention the age or approximate round count of yours either, and this might be better off in the Smithing section...let me know if you want me to move it.

.let me know if you want me to move it.
You don't have to move it. Im going to buy another gun for carry and it wont be a Taurus.
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OK...I guess this thread is done...
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