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"Tracker models"

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I would like to have my model 617 hammer spurless.
I have found on eBay a model 627 hammer that I can remove the spur if it will fit my 617.

I need to know what models fall under the "Tracker model frame" I would think all tracker parts would be the same.

Can anyone help me out?

I prefer not to cut off the spur on the original hammer.

Folks I am in a state of shock. I actually was able to speak to Taurus Customer Service without having to hold at all.
Must have caught them at just the right time.

Anyway they confirmed that the model 617 and 627 parts are all compatible and interchangeable.
That is very good news for me.

I have a snafu. The Hammer on eBay does not have a Sear spring in it. OPS. Taurus will not sell me a Sear spring.
Now what do I do?
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I like that a lot DJH ! I was going to suggest contacting Wolff Springs but it looks like you resolved the issue easily enough. Congrats on the smithing job !
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