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Tracker and Buffalo Bore?

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I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in revolvers, but I have a Tracker in .44 magnum, and I'm really tempted to buy some of the Buffalo Bore 305 gr. ammo. However, I read several other forum threads saying that Taurus revolvers can't handle the pressure generated by Buffalo Bore? Now I know the .44 mag +p+ stuff BB's website explicitly states only certain guns can handle it, but with the 305 gr. they say all steel revolvers are good to go. So my question is, has anyone used this round with a Tracker? Thanks!
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Who says all steel revolvers can use that ammo? You should heed the warning on the label for only using it with Rugers, etc.

Besides, I doubt that round would allow your cylinder to close. It's probably too long for the Tracker cylinder.
You're right for the 340 gr. +p+, however I'm interested in the 305 gr. where they say "item 4A is recommended for all steel frame revolvers".

Who says all steel revolvers can use that ammo?
From the BB site https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=51:

Item 4B

Heavy .44 Magnum Ammo - 300 gr. J.F.N. (1,300 fps/M.E. 1,126 ft. lbs.) - 20 Round Box - Big Game up to 1000 lbs.

Item 4B (300gr. JFN) is designed for super deep penetration at revolver speeds, but will mushroom and penetrate less deeply at rifle speeds. At handgun speeds you can expect a solid 3 feet of penetration in muscle and bone and at rifle speeds expect roughly 2 feet of penetration in muscle and bone. At handgun velocities, this bullet will act just like item 4A in living tissue. The greater velocities generated by the longer barrel of the rifle will cause the bullet to mushroom and that large mushroom will make a much bigger diameter hole in tissue, but that frontal area on the mushroomed bullet will cut down the depth of penetration.

You’ll note my below velocities from over-the-counter revolvers and rifles.

1. Ruger Super Blackhawk with 6 inch barrel--------1330 fps

2. Ruger Redhawk 5.5 inch barrel-----------------------1334 fps

3. 1894 Marlin with 18.5 inch barrel---------------------1770 fps

Item 4B is recommended for all STEEL revolvers and rifles on today’s market. It is NOT suitable for scandium or aluminum alloy revolvers.
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My bad - I thought we were talking about the heavy duty stuff. Still, I'd be careful about the OAL of the round versus the cylinder length on the Tracker.
I doubt that ammo will fit in the cylinder to begin with.
I doubt that ammo will fit in the cylinder to begin with.
Doesn't the Tracker meet the SAAMI standards for the caliber? Or doesn't BB follow the standard?
I don't know it's weird, in the manual it says the tracker is rated to shoot a 240 gr. bullet, but I don't see why the bullet weight matters. I keep mind loaded with 300 gr. Federals and they fit just fine. The issue is the BB rounds, specifically the heavy 44 mag +p+ are A. Too long for the Tracker cylinder and B. produce so much pressure it would just explode in your hand. The only guns that can handle it are Rugers and the Raging Bull. But my question was regarding the 305 gr. rounds, I'm not sure if they are too long for the cylinder and I've read that some folks have had trouble in smaller Taurus revolvers, I'm just hoping the tracker can handle the load
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