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Total Newbie Needs Sights, Holster and a Clue

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I recently purchased my first handgun, it's a PT 24/7 G2C .45ACP and I really want to get tritum/fiber optic sights for it because the white dot sights give me fits trying focus on them with both eyes open. most of the sights I've found so far exclude the G2 series which I assume means generation 2. also any suggestions for a fitted left handed holster would be awesome.

The pistol is also marked as DA/SA DS Compact and I can't find anything saying what this means.

these are the 2 sights I've found that say they will work
Amazon.com: HiViz HIVIZ Taurus 24/7 Overmolded Fiber Optic Front Sight (Red): Sports & Outdoors

Amazon.com: HiViz Taurus 1911 Fiber Optic Rear Sight (Green): Sports & Outdoors

Thank You.
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DA/SA = Double Action / Single Action

DS = Decocker Safety

As for holster - you might peruse through the holster thread sticky above - work backward thru for newer pistols and holsters. Not sure how well the G1 & G2 work in same holster have heard some say good others iffy.

No help on sights - none made gonna help me. LOL

............................and welcome to the forum.
The G2 guns have a double action first shot and single action followup shots.

I can't help much on the sight question though.
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