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Well I was using bore snakes for years and they are good for that final pass or a quick at range cleaning, but nothing beats hopes no 9 and a bore brush with patches. I learned that the hard way after I had to replace my 1911 barrel due to corrosion. Of course I am a neat freak too. Do yourself a favor and get a good bore light and point it at the muzzle of your pistol (unloaded of course). You should see nothing but metal. Then look down the bore. You should see good rifleing with no crud built up on the walls, if you do hit it with solvent and keep scrubbing. Also give your barrell a solvent bath and brush thoroughly. Use patches and keep cleaning until you can run a clean patch down the bore and get no dirt or copper on it. I haven't tried the Otis system yet but I intend to with the next paycheck.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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