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Took the Milpro to the range today.......

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Took the Pt111 MP to the range today, and no problems as usual. Man, my wife was tearing up the targets. When I got home I tried out a boresnake on it and was really impressed with the results. Gave it a couple of quick pulls, brushed out the breach area and extractor, quick wipe down- done! Anyone tried one of these? They're great.
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Well I was using bore snakes for years and they are good for that final pass or a quick at range cleaning, but nothing beats hopes no 9 and a bore brush with patches. I learned that the hard way after I had to replace my 1911 barrel due to corrosion. Of course I am a neat freak too. Do yourself a favor and get a good bore light and point it at the muzzle of your pistol (unloaded of course). You should see nothing but metal. Then look down the bore. You should see good rifleing with no crud built up on the walls, if you do hit it with solvent and keep scrubbing. Also give your barrell a solvent bath and brush thoroughly. Use patches and keep cleaning until you can run a clean patch down the bore and get no dirt or copper on it. I haven't tried the Otis system yet but I intend to with the next paycheck.
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My pt111 keeps me feeling warm and fuzzy...
Took my 3rd gen milpro PT111 to the range today and tried 90 rounds each of two brands.
Blazer aluminum ammo went perfectly. I'm going to remember this.
Winchester ammo had three FTE and one FTF. I tried one FTE three times - no go. Two other FTFs went on the second try. Having DA for another try works good.
No apparent magazine problems.

Next to try - Winchester 124 gr bonded jhp +p
Stay tuned.
Ancient airman
Yes love my PT111 also especially after 3000+ rounds of everything though it except reloads.
I'm with Ace about the boresnake. The only time I use one is for a final pass on my long guns. For all my handguns I simply use a patch on a jag.
Ahh...I love to read a fellow Milllennium Pro guy's post! Thanks for the tip on the boresnake.
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I love my PT111 also, it eats that blazer ammo like nobodies business. Never have a FTF with it. I also have peoblems with the Winchester ammo. Remington is fine however. ;D
bre346 said:
Blazer aluminum ammo went perfectly. another try works good.


I posted a similar experience with Blazer Aluminum in my PT145 last week.

dryheat said:
I'll relate my PT145 mag experiences here since this thread seems to be the most recent.

I bought my PT145 about a year ago. It was manufactured 12/08. Came with two factory mags of the (B) type shown in the following thread:


First time out on the range I had the FTF issues with both mags. After that was when I started reading up on the problem and possible solutions discussed on this site. Didn't do anything. Just put the pistol away in disgust.

A while later I was able to pick up 4 24/7 12rd factory mags cheap (after confirming on this site that they worked in the PT145). There is a thread here describing the differences in the generations of 24/7 mags:


Turns out I have one of the 1st generation and 3 of the second generation. The follower of the 1st generation 24/7 mag closely resembles the follower of the (B) PT145 mag.

My next time out on the range I started keeping notes about which mags were doing what and what ammo I was using. I used Wolf steelcase and American Eagle. All 6 mags had FTFs.

I still didn't start tearing down the mags because I wanted more range time.

Next time out I used Blazer Brass in all the mags. Got FTFs in all the mags.

Today I went to the range and used Blazer Aluminum. In the 2 PT145 mags I first shot 6 rds, then 8, then 10. No FTFs at all. In the 4 24/7 mags I first shot 6 rds, then 9 rds. No FTFs at all. By then I was running low and was only able to shoot a full 12 rds from just one of the 24/7 mags (the first generation) and had no FTFs.

I will go back to the range in the near future with more Blazer Aluminum and other brands, do some more testing and report back.

Meantime, if you are still having FTFs with brass cased ammo, try Blazer Aluminum and see if you get better results.
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