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Took out my new Judge for the first time today

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Just finished cleaning my new Judge after taking it to the range today for the first time. I'm impressed. I got it for home defense. I'm planning to load it with two 410 rounds followed by 3 .45 rounds.

The gun is beautiful. My daughters shot it as well, but didn't care much for it due to it's weight and its top heaviness. They shot both .45s and 410 shells. They also shot my 24/7 G2C .45 ACP, but preferred their brother's PT92 9mm.

The .45 longs were 60 cents a shot and the 410s were a buck a shot. I've been paying 40 cents for .45ACPs, and 30 cents for 9mms. I'm going to have to get into reloading if this Judge is going to get much time on the bench.

Everybody had a great time. I'm happy.​
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Glad to hear from another satisfied owner. It's nice to hear things are working out for you. Nice outing as well. Anytime spent with family at the range is something to be cherished.

Nice report but some cad might do this to you. :nopics: :)
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$1 a shot for 410?! Yikes. I was paying dirt cheap here before everything for my shells, I stayed away from 45LC for the most part because thats what I found to be expensive. My box of Gold Dot 45lc made me sad I paid so much lol.
The Judge is probably one of the funnest guns to shoot IMO. Skeet shooting with a pistol? Why not!
It's always a joy for me to read the range report from an excited Judge shooter!

They truly are a "blast" to shoot. ;)

For Home Defense, I load mine exactly like you do.:thumb:
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Sorry. I knew the rules and blatantly ignored them. Here is my baby.


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I haven't had a chance to take mine out yet. Right now I just have .410 home defense rounds in it until I can get a feel for different ammo.
Nice pic.
Sorry. I knew the rules and blatantly ignored them. Here is my baby.
Very creative photography composition there, Big_Blue! :happy:

Your Judge is a real beauty. :D
doesn't seem like a bad deal...gonna have to think about ordering some...
Nice gun! I use birdshot at about 44 cents a round to play. It helps cut the cost a little. They're fun to shoot no matter what you feed them!
found bulk box at cabelas for the .45 colt 300 rnds for $168 comes out to about $0.55/round. cheaper than dirt sells a 20 rnd federal 410 for about $12 or another brand i cant remember 25 rnd box for $11 hope that helps
Thanks. Those prices are better than locally.

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Congratulations on your new acquisition. :thumb:

ENJOY! :icon_ lala:
Took mine out shooting last weekend with my daughter. The bark and the kick is a little more than my .45s but I like it. My daughter liked it too, all the better!
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