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Took my CHL class....

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.... now I can't wait to get my license. The class was really good, the instructors had a lot of knowledge and were very helpful. Also, looking around here, I think I want to get a Theis IWB holster for my PT809. BTW, the 809 performed flawlessly (I had some concern after a trip to the range with the wife, turned out to be the ammo). The more trigger time I spend with "The Bull", the more I like it.
Anyway, the class had a lot of information to take in. The instuctors told us we could come and sit in on the class anytime, and even pay $10 for the range time if we wanted. I'm trying to get my wife to take the class. One of her cousins told me if wifey took the class, she would take the class too.
Well, even if I never have to use, it will be a little comforting knowing that I can.
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Congrats on completing your course, and now the long wait begins. Hopefully Ohio is faster than New Mexico was.
Congrats on the class from here also .
Congrats, I'm in the waiting mode here in TN too!
Good for you. I'm glad you got some useful information out of the class.
I congratulate you for taking this pivotal step in your life.

Your little corner of the world will become a safer place for you and your family.
Congrats, hope the wait goes fast.
Now you have your "Learners Permit." So go shoot, then shoot, then shoot some more until the CHL arrives.

P.S. But don't run out of ammo. LOL
Nice job!! I got my Ohio CHL in less then 24 hours, but it varies county to county. when you get it, carry safe, carry smart, and carry often!
Congratulations. The waiting is the hardest part of the whole procedure. Get in some (a whole lot) of practice before it arrives so you'll be ready. Be safe.
Welcome from little ole New Hampshire, congrats on Course & License!
Congratulations, and welcome to the world of effective self defense!
I used my 809 to qualify as well, and like yours, it performed flawlessly.

And your closing comment is spot on - none of us ever want to have to bring that in to play, but like a fire extinguisher, it's better to have it and never use it, than to need it, and not have it.

Practice often, and carry safe and responsibly when your ticket comes in!
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Congrats! I got my permit a few months ago. I bought a TCP 738 to carry soon after.
Congrats on taking that first step! ;)
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