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Picking up my new PT111 Mill Pro Titanium TOMORROW...WOOOHOOO!

Can't wait to get to the range and see how she runs.

From what I have read online, the first gen had issues, but every PT111 3rd Gen poster only has positive feedback. What I find interesting about this gun is the extra features you get: the manual safety (dunno if I'll be using that, though-I'm used to a Glock and a DAO Kel-Tec P32), the DA/SA trigger, and from what I have read it has double-strike capability, is that correct?
I also like the fact it has the 'Taurus Safety Lock' on it. That should come in handy when I have to fly and put it in my checked baggage, if it gets ripped off at least it might frustrate any potential users. Are all the locking keys the same?

#1 reasons I bought this gun are for the light weight (16 oz) and higher mag capacity (12+1). Yea, I've got a Glock 26, but I just don't feel comfortable hauling that much weight around, for only 10 shots. Most of the time I have been carrying my P32 Kel-Tec for CCW. It would be nice to find a balance, and that's what I am hoping to get in this MillPro.

Good to be here, I am a new member on this board...HELLO to everyone here! ;D

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Welcome to the PT111 Mil/pro crowd. Have one that is giving excellent service.

Do a few things first before firing the gun. Please take it apart and clean it. Even the firing pin channel can have build up in it already. These are fired at the factory with one or a few rounds.

Then there's this though you may be aware of these.

DAO triggers take some getting used to. Especially if traditional DA/SA pistols are what one is used to.

One obligatory range test if you please... on Flyer's desk... by Monday morning, in triplicate. 30,000 words or more. Triple spaced. Oh, forget it. We can never find Flyer's virtual desk. :D ;D It's all in jest of course, but we'd all like to hear the results when and if you can give us an update. :D
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