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Today's test

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I had loaded 6 .45 Colt rounds some time ago with 30 grains Pyrodex behind a 255 grain flat nose. I never got around to trying them. Well, I found them yesterday while organizing my reloading room and just tested them. No chronograph tests, just accuracy. I got some pretty mundane results. Two of the first three shots went way low and not my fault. I was shooting off a rest and got a good sear break on all 6. The last 3 went with the one that was near the bulll, but even those 4 were only a 3" group from 25 yards. This gun, a Ruger stainless 4 5/8" Blackhawk, shoots 1" at 25 yards same bullet in front of 8.3 grains Unique.

I guess I could try some 777, don't have real Black. But, I see little reason to try 777 as it doesn't have that wonderful black powder smell I love so much. :D One thing, though, my 5.5" '58 Remington shoots about 2.5-3" with 30 grains Pyrodex and a .454" round ball. I have been wanting a .45ACP cylinder for it and WILL get one soon. I'm thinkin' that should out-perform the Pyrodex...theoretically you understand. LOL I shoot 5.0 grains Bullseye and a 200 grain cast SWC in .45ACP.
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Second thought, this fits better in the reload forum. :D
Thanks for posting NT.

How was cleanup with the Pyrodex?
Was that a compressed load?
"None of the above"??? :)
(It's a test, right?)
Clean up was much quicker than with my cap and ball stuff, just soap up the barrel and cylinder, not much in the rear of the frame to worry about. AND, it's a stainless gun, which is always a plus with BP stuff.

Not a compressed load, only 30 grains, pretty full case, but not compressed. You could pack it to the gills with 777 (more power than Pyrodex) and it wouldn't hurt the Blackhawk, though. I shoot loads involving 2400 and a 300 grain Hornady XTP in that thing that will send a .44 magnum standard factory load screaming for mercy. :D

I MIGHT try a few more, but I've kinda lost interest with the lack luster accuracy I got from a gun that I know shoots lights out.
If you try it again try a compressed load. You probably know this already but Black Powder and about all substitutes like to be compressed somewhat. I never leave an air space with either the black or the substitutes.
I always compress about a 1/16th and use magnum primers for better ignition whether black or substitute powder. My BH groups well with that loading and can knock the 6 inch steel plates at the range all day.
Well, in my cap and ball guns, I use corn meal as a filler for lighter loads so that they compress. One can buy the wads that go in before the ball, but I've never used those. Cornmeal works. I might try that. :D Good point on the compression, hadn't thought of that.
I've shot a ton of .45 Colt loaded with Triple 7, slightly compressed. I really like it. The aroma isn't what real black is, but it is distinctive on it's own. I shoot it in my Vaquero and M92. A fellow shooter at the range once chronied these loads for me at just under 1200fps. from the rifle. Accuracy is as good as I can ask for.
777 is HOT for a BP sub. It pushes a 220 cast Lee conical out of my Ruger Old Army to 1300 fps with a heavily compressed full charge. That's magnum handgun territory. AND, it's very accurate in that gun, as is about everything. It puts about any load I've tried into 2" at 25 yards off the bench.
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