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Titanium Revolvers

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Hi All: First time on this site, and am yet to figure it all out, so possibly this has come up several times before, if so, Sorry.
Question: I have several Taurus handguns, have absolutely no gripes or problems with any of them, but I did several years ago purchase a .44 Spec, Titanium ported revolver for edc. It is light (18 oz) is more accurate than I figured any 2 inch could be, with the porting and the rubber ripple grip, comfortable to shoot. In other words, GREAT in my opinion, however, they soon ceased to make and sell them. Some forlks hinted of problems, but none could be specific, so does anyone know what gives? Do I have something of rare value, or a potential hand grenade? Would appreciate any knoweldgable comments. Thanks Dick in Georgia
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