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Titanium Blue

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I have two questions. I purchased a titanium blue Judge. My question is the blue appears to be a mirror shiny black surface. Not your typical blue finish. The owners manual tells me little about care and maintenance on this titanium surface other than not to use abrasive materials.

1) What would you recommend for cleaning?? :???:

2) Would firing black powder rounds hurt this finish?? :???:

Thanks in advance
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Wow..did not know there was a shiny finish on blued guns, they all look the same to me..Wonder if it has to do with the titanium it is made of..maybe that kind of metal only takes a certain finish..
What would you recommend for cleaning
Guess we will see what the guys say in here...good post..time for more learin for me... ;)

BTW..i just replied in the post you did on"Blued verses Stainless"...
that was a great post..these guys came through with lots of info..
thanks..i learned alot...
Got to love this forum :D
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