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Time to get the lubrisizers going

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Got an inventory of raw product cast up now the time consuming labor of love begins.
1. most of what I have cast up
2. 32 caliber, mixed for 32 Long and 32-20
3. Ideal 358477, 150 gr. SWC
4. Lyman 429421 Keith, 250 gr. for 44 Special and Magnum
5. Ideal 358345, 115 gr. SWC for 38 and sometimes 9MM in revolver.
The ones in the blue box are Lyman 439186, 370 grain for Remington Rolling block in 43 Spanish.


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I have been collecting WW, tin, plumbers lead, and linotype for 50 years. Last summer I got almost 800 pounds of lino tailings from an old printing plant, they are full of slag and trash but it is good alloy when I get it refined. Talk to your dentist, they still use lead foil as sheathing on x-ray film, also your hospital x-ray. Talk to your plumber, if you live where there are old homes there may still be lead drain pipes that he pulls out when he does work. My plumber was replacing drains in the elementary school two weeks ago, the cast iron pipes had lead seals in the flanges that bolted the sections together, he gave the seals to me. Check your local scrap metal dealer, pay for the scrap, as long as he makes a profit without having to handle the scrap he will probably sell. Take a box of donuts with you, even if he doesn't have anything you want, leave the donuts and your name and number.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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