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My wife and I are getting our ccw in the near future and we have both chosen this as our daily wear holster, we haven't bought it yet and I was hoping to get some input from anyone who use it or from those that don't like it and why.... I will be carrying a SS PT111 an she will be carrying a Bersa .380
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I wear smartcarry alot, not daily. it DOES take a bit more to get ur gun, due to gut size. I like it, yet also carry a kel-Tec in a rear pocket. Really depends on what i am wearing, and doing . i am a bodyman, so some days i am on my knees alot, or on a creeper seat. Those days, i carry IWB, of back pocket. Dont believe you will only buy 1 holster. i have bought 20 or so....Lots sold on ebay...
Everybody needs SmartCarry once in a while. My wife and I both have them. I use mine often, my wife hardly uses her's. She has better luck with a bellyband.(crossdraw @ 2 oclock). I use a CrossBreed IWB most of the time.

Like the other guy said you'll end up with " A Few" carry options before it's all over.

Regards, OE
I have been carrying my Kel-Tec P-3AT with ArmaLaser and two spare mags in a SmartCarry 24/7 since January of '06.

After I wore it constantly for about 3 months I forgot it was there.
It's extremely comfortable and totally invisible.

I wear pants with a slightly oversize waist, suspenders and no belt. with an untucked shirt over that. I can draw and be on target consistently in 1.5 seconds or less (a bit more while sitting). Even in the car with seatbelt on it is still easy to get at. I just wear the belt as normal and put the front of the shirt tail over the seat belt. Even with the seat belt on, if you suck in your gut as you draw there is plenty of room.

The draw is in three steps:
1. Strong hand lifts shirt.
2. Weak hand thumb catches pants waistband and pulls outward as you suck in gut.
3. Strong hand grabs gun and draws.

If you wear a tucked shirt the first step isn't necessary.

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I tried one and returned it. For me the Smartcarry was easily the most uncomfortable holster I have ever tried in my life. Frankly I don't see how any guy could be comfortable with it, unless they're only carrying a very very tiny gun.
Well I think I solved my dilemma. I picked up my new S&W SW9VE today ( I know this is a Taurus site but for $300.00 and four 16 round mags I couldn't say no) And while I was wondering if I should spend the 45 bucks on the thunderwear I had an epiphany, every column I've read about the thunderwear/smartcarry says that one of the advantages of them is that they also act like a "cup" if you take a shot to the boys.... So I thought well, I already have a jock strap so I took the cup out, put on the Jock strap put my SW9VE in an Uncle Mikes IWB holster and slipt them both into the area where the cup goes. the gun fit there without the holster perfectly but I figured you can't be too safe plus it is one extra moisture barrier. So far it is soooooo comfortable I've been weaaring it for about 4 hours and tried on different out fits, jean shorts, jeans, slacks, shirt tucked, gym shorts and the gun disapears in all of them. I'm wearing it right now while I am sitting here typing and I can't even feel it. This isn't a new invention or anything but if someone is looking for a really cheap way to get the advantage of deep concelament that those 2 products offer.. give it a try. Thanks for all of the replies by the way.....
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I made my own version of the smartcarry and it cost me about $8. It works very well and was made specifically for my P3AT. I do not wear it everyday but since I live in FL I am in gym shorts and surf shorts quite a bit and it fills that void perfectly. Here are some pics.
03ShadowB: Only question I have, did you put some sort of a moisture barrier between the Kel Tec and your body perspiration? If so, I would also attempt to copy your nice looking holster set up.
Naturally, all of us are different, and I am one of those folks who am often embarrassed by the amount of salty liquid which almost pours off of me, even with mild exertions. Doctors say it is healthy, and may be, but also causes problems as well. So I have not been able to wear belly bands, and other inside clothing carry arrangements so far. Yet, there has to be some sort of water proof material which the end user could fashion to protect the finish of our inside clothing firearm. While I do love my little Kel Tec, I also can see the bluing and finish on the slide is rather thin, so am attempting to preserve it as long as possible. Then in spite of the new metals, even stainless will corrode if not protected from a steady flow of sweat.
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