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Thunderbolt 38/357 owners, what OAL works good for you?

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1.506 will pop out of the tube and jam under the lifter, 1.544 and 1.652 seem to be working without doing that BUT they are jamming every handful of rounds going into the chamber. They catch on the rim of the brass even though they go through a Lee Factory Crimp die. Thank you for any info. I am kind of frustrated with the gun right now. I am tempted to polish the chamber opening, and widen out the loading opening at this point, but would still be stuck with the under lifter jams.
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ok, sadly I stand corrected. these rounds will also do the same thing. and are harder to get something behind to push into the mag tube. oh, an once in a while, a second round will be partway out of the mag tube getting in on the jam also. I bought my first rifle over 40 years ago, have done dozens more since, and at this point in time, this is my biggest case of buyers regret. this may be headed back before my warranty card even makes it in.
I have not had any problems with mine. But I only have used Georgia Arms ammo. Mine is a joy to shoot.
That is what I am hoping for with mine. What type of bullet and what is your rounds OAL?
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