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I'm obviously new, 2nd post. Senior citizen, long time motorcyclist, recently rekindled interest in handguns. Lots of research, decided I don't want to start out with a big bang. Research led me to the 992 combination .22LR/.22WMR.

I visited a few local Indianapolis area shops, soon discovered the state of the business. Overpriced everything and nothing available. I sent a few emails out to local shops, looking for a 992 blue 4" barrel. Much to my surprise I got a response from a small shop, said he was going to get a blue 6 1/2" soon, would I be interested? Well, now knowing how tight the market is I thought I'd better not pass it up. He emailed me two days later, it was in. March 1st and it was mine, all mine. Also got 300 rds. .22LR CCI MiniMags, was shocked that he had 'em on the shelf.

And the story gets better (or at least longer). March 1st was a Friday and the local Gander Mtn. store gets their ammo delivery Thursday nights, lines at the door Friday mornings. I went in Friday afternoon to shop for a gun case, etc. A pleasant young employee asked if he could help me and I asked if they might have any .22WMR ammo. He said, "Follow me". Took me to a partially filled pallet setting aside, picked up their last box 250 count CCI MaxiMag .22WMR and handed it to me. He said that someone had set it down in the wrong place, he had picked it up and placed it on the pallet, hadn't had time to put it on the shelf where it belonged. Just my lucky week, I guess.

So-o-o-o, now Ive got the handgun and ammunition. I'm waiting on my Indiana License To Carry Handgun, but that's another story.

Now I'm looking for a 941 2" snubbie .22WMR for CCW. My luck on that one not as good as the 992.
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