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thinking of getting a new scope for my 700 30-06

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I would like to get something nicer than the old weaver 3-9x that is on it. I think I want a 4-16x scope but with all the choices I am not shure what one I want. I have been looking at the millett tactical trs1

Millett Tactical TRS-1 Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4-16x 50mm Side Focus

And the nikon monarch

Nikon Monarch Rifle Scope 4-16x 42mm Side Focus Mil-Dot Reticle Matte
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Go for this one:
Nikon Monarch Rifle Scope 4-16x 42mm Side Focus BDC Reticle Matte
Almost the same I had on my 30-06.
Once you zero it for 100 yards, you are good to 500 with the BDC reticle.
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A 4x-16x is a lot of scope for a .30-06, and a 50mm objective will require high rings.

A good 3x-9x is plenty, IMO. I don't know your budget, but I can recommend several scopes based on personal experience:

Zeiss Conquest 3x-9x
Nikon Monarch 3x-9x
Burris Fullfield II 3x-9x
Leupold VX-II 3x-9x

P.S. I NEVER buy Chinese optics for a hunting rifle, so Millett would be off my list.
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Take a look at Vortex. Outstanding customer service, very good scope.
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I will second Vortex.

They make high quality optics and their warranty is the best in the business.
I should also note that this gun will more than likely only be used as a target gun Iowa dose not allow high power rifle hunting
Vortex optics are made in China. They may obscure that fact, but that is where they are made. A direct inquiry to Vortex will confirm that.

For what it's worth, I have the Vortex 4x-16x50mm scope (with illuminated reticle). I bought it for a varmint AR in 5.56mm. If you are going to use it predominantly for range work. it's fine.

If I were you, I'd put one a .223 or .22-250 and go shoot crows and ground hogs with it.

Cabelas has some darn good scopes under their Pine ridge brand, you can look through one and a Leupold at the same time and you will have to look at the markings to tell the difference. Nikon makes a good scope as well, I am unfamiliar with Millet other than their pistol sights (which are very good as well)
Darn I knew I should have jumped on the monarch when it went $100 off now it looks like Nikon discontinued them
Natchez Shooters Supply may have a few of the Nikons left. Check with them.

Nikon Monarch scopes are excellent optics.

A lot of supposedly American, Japanese, and even European scopes use Chinese parts in them. The Chinese are quite capable of producing high-end optics. The problem that we see in America is that, like with Japanese, Taiwanese, and even German, optics, is that the first uses of them were for cheap versions. The idea was to save a few bucks. Today, German optics, Japanese optics,and those from Taiwan are considered to be quite good.

Even Leopold will admit to using "foreign manufactured" fittings, screws, gasket materials, and the like. Does that mean that we shouldn't buy any of them?
I am aware of the use of globally-sourced parts.

The glass and coatings are the most obvious factors to a scope's performance. Repeatability of adjustment is the next most obvious, followed by parallax adjustments. The erector and mechanical components (especially seals) are critical, but less obvious.

Take an NCStar, Leapers, Millett, Barska, BSA, etc. optic 'shoot the box' with it. Chances are good that your last group will not end up atop your first group. Next, take the Chinese scope and stick it in the freezer for a day or two. Take it out and put it in warm water. Remove and look through. Did it fog up?

The Chinese may be catching up, but they are still not the equal of even mid-range brand name optics (e.g., Nikon, Burris, Leupold).

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