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Folks, old shooters and new shooters alike, please do the recommended.

Please go and at your leisure read the FAQs board and the stickied threads at the various boards. Especially in the pistol or revolver boards. There's a wealth of info to digest that will make things easier in a lot of ways.

This helps bring understanding on a host of issues.

Do recommend that old and new threads be read also if not already done.

When doing a search please be on the Home Page setting when the search is intiated.

If the search is done while at a specific board then the search will either be done only at that board, the thread itself one is in,and will give info only from those locations.

Or one can do search 2, but from where the results of the first search have been done. Use the search box from the first completed search. This will take the search to all the boards and look for corresponding info and display it.

While this is unusual it's part and parcel of the software here.

Thought that this will be useful for old members and new ones alike.

Thankyou for your time and enjoy yourself here.
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Not open for further replies.